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My Fav TV Shows

Updated January 2010:

Castle, The Forgotten, Glee, NCIS, Law & Order SVU, Boston Legal, Big Bang Theory, The &*%# My Dad Says, Rules Of Engagement, Chopped, Vampire Diaries, The Good Guys.  I don't watch these every week because I get too busy at times but they are decent shows. And we can't forget EastEnders, hehe.image

Reality shows just aren't my thing. I could care less if Jon left Kate, if the Kardashians continue to live off their dead fathers coat-tails or if Octomom dies of a stroke in the middle of the street.

I DO however enjoy some of the fun competition shows on tv. Best Of The Worst on Food Network is ok as are some of their cake challenges. American Idol WAS fun to watch until Vote For The Worst took over and JLo Fat arse got added as a judge....I don't watch it any longer. I am looking more forward to Simon Cowel's The X Factor!

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Some Of My Sarcasm

Updated Jan. 2010

Michelle Obama says she is fed up with Americans' relationship with food and that too many Americans are overweight. Who knew ANOREXIA was the way to go?! Michelle Obama for GOD, she just set ANOREXIA treatment back YEARS! image

Anti America Obama is right, America sucks and owes the world a continued apology. I'm sorry world...take Obama...PLEASE image

Stop whining and pick up a rock image

As an American do I need to cross the border to get my rights back or??? image

Don't be an Obama, LOVE America image

Stupid should hurt image

This is no battle of wits between you and I. I never pick on an unarmed man image

The world is coming to an end...please log off image

Never miss a good chance to shut up image

Be all that you can be. Or at least try and get up before noon image

Give me a GO! Give me a TO! Give me a HELL! image

In my own defence...I'd like to plead sanity image

Slow thinkers keep to the right please...that would be YOU buddy image

Welcome to the internet, where everyone always looks cooler image

I know potted plants that have a higher IQ than you image

A jury consists of 12 persons chosen to decide who has the best lawyer image

I'm not shy. I'm just studying my prey image

There are 2 kinds of pedestrians. The quick and the dead image

It's one of those days when I just want to jump on the world and mess it's hair up image

People I look up to O_O;

Updated November 2010 -

My kids...I look up to my kids.  They are the only ones left worth respecting.  Our President only respects Muslims and illegal aliens so he is worth nothing.  Our country is fighting a losing battle with illegal immigrants and political correctness is a bunch of BS now.  I don't care who I offend, get out of my country if you aren't here legally.  If you are gay fine, but stop making demands like you are the only ones who need insurance.  If you are African American fine, don't pull lets  play the race card trying to get a free ride.  If everyone listened to everyone, and everyone respected everyone, there wouldn't be the problems we have now.  Asia owns us thanks to George Bush yet people were mad at Clinton for an affair...REALLY?!?!?!  Idiots.

Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's leader by force. For saying the U.S. used our "Earthquake weapon" to cause Haiti's Jan. 2010 earthquake as well as saying we did not send help of any kind, only soldiers. You rock Hugo! Who cares if the people you "rule" over want you dead so bad they continually plead with the USA to help them! image

Sara Palin for being one of the best examples of living in denial I've ever seen, lol. image

Anti America Obama for 1-upping George W. Bush in destroying Middle Class America. We went from being middle class with insurance to losing our homes but paying for YOURS...how f-ing cool is THAT?! image

Anti America Obama for his 357th apology to the world for America being America. I'm sorry Americans are so selfish, so worthless, so OMG get info from a terrorist by using a waterboard...I can't believe GOD hasn't flooded us again image

Senator John McCain for taking the stand that "women are living too long" & voting that women's Soc. Sec. payments be decreased. Too bad it was voted down, lol. Go McCain! It's not like women are people TOO right??? image

The American Govt. for deciding we have too many health probs with smokers so "sin taxed" cigarettes over and over and over until they went on the black market and are now worth more than POT! Hmmm should kids smoke pot or cigs...decisions decisions...go with cheaper I always say image

Obama for being disgusted with "Americans who are irresponsible with their health by being overweight". You go Mr. "I refuse to answer where I was born!" Pass that "sin tax" on sodas, teas/juices that are NOT diet by 1 cent per ounce. Pop is evil and you are awesome for pushing girls to be ANOREXIC rather than a bit overweight. image

The American Gov't/Administration for ignoring alcohol in the sin tax issue. DUI's cause accidents in the millions of $ a year, alcoholism causes illness, domestic violence, incest, job loss, death, liver disease, severe birth defects etc., But how often do the good ole' boys sin tax ALCOHOL??? 3x in 60 YEARS! Dumbasses RULE the U.S.A.?! image

Everyone who voted for "change", including me. Yep I was suckered too! Are you diggin' the change so far? More "sin taxes" to control what we eat, what we are allowed for vices, what we drink, our body size, making sure I don't have more $ than you even if I do work harder than you??? More handouts to BANKS with NO restrictions while we watch hundreds of thousands lose their jobs in the auto industry and Obama telling the auto industry *shrug* go partner up with Fiat? That's the change we voted for??? You rock you S.O.B. image

Barrack Obama for being kind to animals...did anyone notice that Michelle looks like an Orangatan? image

Drew Peterson for husband of the year! A cop who not only murdered his 2nd wife but knocked up a 17 year old then made her his 3rd wife only to murder her too. Hey maybe he could shoot for Father of the year next image

The father of Rubina Ali, what a cool guy! Rubina, the nine-year-old girl who was featured prominently in the Oscar winning "Slumdog Millionaire," was offered up for sale by her father to undercover reporters working for
News of the World. Last I read he was asking for $295,000.00. Yep thats a Father of the Year right there! image

Octomom! After Octomom gets knocked up irresponsibly again, PAID FOR BY stealing tax payer money meant for student loans...does she get penalized? Arrested for fraud on studen loans? NO she gets her own reality show! This woman is my heeeerrrooooo! I wasted my time teaching my kids to be responsible, work hard, not lie/steal when all I had to do was tell them to spread 'em, get knocked up, embezzle from their boss and they are home free!image

Obama for believing he and his are above the law as are "illegal aliens". You are so right Mr. President! As long as illegals, (including your Aunt whose been here illegally for 20 years and YOU KNEW IT) just sign in at any port of entry, plus bring 50 extended family members, they get FREE HEALTHCARE and Americans can shove their complaints right up their arse image

Obama for rewarding the Banking Industries thieves with MILLIONS of our tax dollars. I wonder why Maddoff is even in jail??? Goooo Obama, you devil you, lol image
People who are taller than I am image

Dead people cuz they're like...scary n stuff image

George Bush for single handedly bringing the U.S.A. to it's knees for the first time in history image

Casey Anthony for being Mother of the year...yea image

More as the year goes on...in order of most recent at the top.

My Media

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Hangaroo: The classic game of hangman, with a talking kangaroo! A talking kangaroo who is about to get hanged, unless you can solve the word puzzle!��I LOVE THIS GAME!




I grew up watching Christopher Lee as Dracula and I will always feel that he portrayed the best Dracula image

A few of my absolute FAV horrors are:
Night Of The Living Dead (1960's original black & white), Pumpkinhead, Dog Soldiers, Rest Stop, Cabin Fever, Alien, P2, The Abandoned, Eden Lake and more! image

I still enjoy watching the original "Halloween" which is now a classic. Rob Zombies music is great but he needs to realize his trying to redo a classic didn't work. He may have money and music but talented in horror? Mmmmmm no image
Don't confuse horror with depravity...big dif image

GREAT comedy's are hard to find. Disorganized Crime (1989) is my favorite comedy!! Starring Fred Gwynne, Lou Diamond Phillips, Corbin Bernsen, Rubén Blades, Ed O'Neill, Daniel Roebuck. No matter how many times I watch this it can still make me laugh. My Cousin Vinnie is a good chuckler too image

Check out some fun bumper stickers!

~*~*FUN STUFF, LOL*~*~


Me - Politically Incorrect and Don't Give A Damn

When are Americans going to say SCREW political correctness and allow what needs to be said, TO BE SAID!?  The bottom line is that illegal aliens are a major part of why American states are broke!  STOP GIVING HAND OUTS AND AID to anyone illegal in this country!  We are not paying taxes so that someone's illegal grandmother who never worked here a day in her life can get a check every month.  Teachers have lost pensions because we are forced to allow them into our classrooms--FACT--when my daughters were in high school at Central High, several teachers left, one (Mr. Hansen) cited out loud in class--you illegals have cost my pension, any raises for years to come, class offer cuts, art cuts and more.  I am leaving.  And he left as did other good teachers.  The audacity of illegals from the Southern border trying to force this on us while everyone knows Mexico wouldn't allow anyone to bombard their country either...nor would Europe or any other country.  If I offend anyone too bad, I see  white people and Christians offended on a daily basis.  It's time I am allowed free speech too!!!

On to Obama.  Really?  We elected someone to tell us what to eat, not to be (in his opinion) fat, what to drink, to be like "Muslims and Indonesians, who are the role models for the world"--end quote.  How about go to hell Obama.  First off, who does Michelle Obama think she is telling Americans what is good for them, hmm?  
Wasn't it Obama who said his wife would not be in his politics when he took office, she had her own job????  And who is Obama to say Muslims and Indo are better than  AMERICA hmm?!  WOW Obamacare???  It shot my insurance up another $150 a month and guess what?  I HAVE TO DROP MY INSURANCE NOW BECAUSE I CAN'T AFFORD IT.  But wait, it gets better.  Cover Care, the one Obama says will cover all of us with pre existing conditions?  Only costs MORE THAN I WAS ALREADY PAYING which IS OVER $550 a month.  So I will die because I can't afford medical care while illegals get help.  THATS what our servicemen died for?  Huh...


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